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What business insurance do I need when setting up a new restaurant or café?

17th May 2017

Why it is vital to ensure that you have the correct business insurance cover.

Could Brexit leave a ‘black hole for small businesses’?

12th May 2017

Brexit funding gap is a threat to small business growth and productivity, a new report warns.

What does Article 50 mean for the insurance industry?

20th April 2017

Some have heralded the triggering of Article 50 as 'unchartered waters', 'a landmark decision' or even 'a massive mistake' - but what will Brexit mean for the UK insurance industry?

How to protect yourself against vandalism

11th April 2017

Unfortunately, vandalism is all too common in the UK today so it's important that businesses and landlords look to protect themselves against the unexpected.

Budget 2017 - the key points at a glance

21st March 2017

Although the UK is still coming to terms with the fact we will be leaving the EU, Philip Hammond's first Budget announcement as Chancellor was fairly uneventful in terms of its effects on the insurance industry.

3 reasons you need Public Liability Insurance

21st March 2017

If you own your own business, we've created a short list of reasons why it's crucial you take out public liability insurance to protect yourself financially.

Protect yourself from threats on the internet

10th March 2017

Cyber security has changed massively over the last few years. It is no longer simply an IT issue and the ramifications for businesses that get it wrong are financial as well as reputational.

Basic Business Insurance tips and advice

2nd February 2017

Insurance is one of the most important areas of consideration for a business of any size, but it is often overlooked. We've brought together a short guide to highlight the main areas you should focus on for your business:

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